Friday, October 16, 2009

some simple things every one can do
This list is really simple
and makes alot of sense. If everyone in our class followed these suggestions think of all the waste we'd save. One of the suggestions is have a no-baths week because baths use twice as much water as a shower (assuming you don't take ridiculously long showers). How about skip showering on some days? just a suggestion. Also notice the logo at the bottom of the page, its pretty cute. I also think the graphics and overall design of the page is pleasing, one example of design doing something not bad, i guess.


  1. That website is really cool, the little icons are fun and make you want to read all the facts. some of the statistics are ridiculous like every american uses 2200 napkins a year. I agree that a lot of the suggestions make sense like paying your bills online i guess i never really thought about how many pieces of paper are used everyday to print bills on.

  2. I've always advocated showering infrequently

  3. Hilarious. They've given you all these suggestions on how to simplify your life and save the environment, and at the end of the page it says "buy the shirt!" Will anyone in America ever have enough money?