Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog 10-15

Rachel Markel

            Last Thursday, the speaker was talking about how the guidelines were not required, but they were only suggested to companies.  I thought during class when he was speaking that in this stage, maybe the companies should be required to follow the guidelines.  They should have to test the water, follow the progress of their delivery trucks, and make the packing materials green. 

            It is like what we talked about in the last lecture, that people should get more comfortable with their living instead of molding everything to their exact comfort.  Maybe the businesses should all be required to make everything green and become Leed certified. 

            I also think that with the advice about if the printer is dirty inside, the consumer should walk away.  I think the consumer should also walk away if the printing company is not green.  If the consumer is afraid of their products being mistreated in a dirty printing company, why shouldn’t they be concerned with a printing company littering the Earth; polluting water, adding to landfills, and not recycling. 

            After hearing this lecture, I felt more prepared to talk to the printing companies for the Green Audit project.

            I really enjoyed the lecture Tuesday, especially about the tree mapping.  It is just really inspiring to know there are people who are making careers out of saving the Earth and saving things that are significant to everyone.  The way she talked about how each tree means something different to everyone in his or her own way was really…almost eye opening.  I just think it is so important to be involved in something like that, and I would love to find something similar.

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