Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rebecca Zak

What I’m choosing to write about in my blog this week is something that professor Randy Honold said in his speech on Tuesday. When asked why the material of glass was chosen for a building project he gave a couple of reasons about lighting, said a little something about how it is actually hard to make and usually uses chemicals, and then stated that glass buildings are sexy. For me it just seems like why would you choose a material for that reason. I understand that glass can be made in totally environment friendly ways but if that is not how it is being made now, isn’t that still conrtibuting to the problem? Like it says in Cradle to Cradle, being less bad is not going to help. The only way to solve our problems is to be all good. We are not contributing to the cradle to cradle theory that one would hope for if we are still willing to use the dangerous and hazerdous materials to make the glass. In order to make the building totally environmentally friendly, we must change the way the glass is made, to make sure that not only the way the building operates, but also what goes into the building is good for the earth. Randy Honold also talked in his speech about how what a building did is just as, if not more important than what goes into it. The reason to use glass as it being sexy to me seems very contradictary. Just because glass may be the in material, and may be looked at as sexy, does not mean it needs to always be used, and if it is to be used, the designers making an environmentally friendly building should make sure that 100% of the building is going for that same expectation.

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  1. Sorry, response to Ozimek's presentation on Tuesday, not Randy Honold