Wednesday, October 7, 2009


From the reading in Massive change about energy, Mau talks about energy from solar to thermal. I think though I like his positive thinking, the truth is, people will most likely go with what’s easiest, which at this time is coal or nuclear. The idea of solar energy is extremely uplifting, finding out that almost all energy on earth is from the sun. However, without the ability to easily get this energy, I think people are going to overlook it. If you ask the majority of people at DePaul, they find the solar panels in the quad extremely ugly. People want things to be easy and pretty, and so the idea of solar energy as a major source seems to be in the distant future. I think that peoples attitudes are going to need to change if we want to start taking advantage of alternative energy that doesn’t pollute.

I thought that the speaker on Tuesday, Edward Ozimek, was definitely one of the best speakers we’ve had thus far. His idea of constantly challenging the systems in place in order to progress them was great. I liked his thoughts on mixing old architecture built with materials such as stone and meshing them with the new. I also thought his idea that things are now built to only stand for 15-20 years, while older buildings were meant to stand forever. This seems to fit in with what society is doing now, building things that are meant to be thrown out.

Adam Rosenquist

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