Monday, October 5, 2009

Design fetishism (Reflection #2222222 since this is a blog i can format it any way I want to)

said that "there is only one revolution tolerable to all men, all societies, all political systems: revolution by design and invention."

Bucky fetishists
R. Buckminster Fuller designed the geodesic dome, proving he was a genius, but he also believed that people would do the right thing, given access to the right information. He also believed that design was the answer
examples of design, from Bruce Mau:
well. I am writing to tell you, I think he was mistaken. we have all the right information, but we don't have the right truths. we are a society of people who beLIEve that market forces will regulate and solve our environmental problems. We are naive to think that any economy of mass production will lead to a sustainable future for humans on this planet. I was in some ecology class awhile ago and we were talking about
Human SOCIEties just move from one unsustainable form of existence to another. This is why we romanticize nomadic cultures -- BEDOUIN, PLAINS INDIANS, RURAL MONGOLIAN NOMADS (those people who live in Yurts), ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS -- they exist in smaller groups that have the luxury of travelling from one place to another after they have exhausted their resources.
In fact, this is how the savannas and prairies were made.
How they became stable.
Check out this map.

Makes you think
you can kind of put on that map where "sustainable" and "unsustainable" societies concentrate. Notice: no grasslands in europe -- the proverbial source of all Western problems! Also, I would like to point out desert-dwellers as being really cool. Flat land, not grass land, but deserts are lands of plenty, if you have some indigenous experience.

If you were standing in a field of grass and you were really hungry, how long would it take you to get some bread? some cheeseburgers? some whiskey? what are you talking about crazy lady?

"Infoporn" (definition 3)


Take Recycling.
I am looking out the window.
The world is still beautiful and alive.
Isn't this fall really nice so far????????
I am not motivated to take part in any revolutions.
I recycle because I see other people doing it. I have the right knowledge, and the psychotic/religious/guilt/orientation to stick to recycling for its own sake, but I'm way more motivated to do it when it's a public and neighborly ritual, instead of driving my recycling bags to the dump. Anyway, whatever, who cares about recycling.
Recycling is a white-western cultural problem. Who can afford to throw things out? Why can we, as individual consumers, afford to throw things out? Why can we afford to send away our plastic containers?

Anyway back to the subject of infoporn:

here are some FUN eXampleS

Look at all this knowledge!

knowledge is pornographically disseminated through the internet, TV, and print media until it becomes completely meaningless. We have the right information and motivated designers, but we REALLY need (environmentally sound technologies have been around way longer than green hype) some non-fascist social pressure.


  1. This was fun to read!

    And I agree about recycling- I've noticed this about myself and others- it's as if by recycling, we can say to ourselves that we are doing something, when really we are becoming complacent to the system and the way it currently is. By thinking that recycling is enough, or even that it isn't enough but it's better than nothing, I feel like this may quell any truly revolutionary ideas that could come out of consciously thinking of new ideas until we come up with something different. And an efficency and production-based economy will be a tough model for this to evolve out of.

  2. Thanks Kathleen and design and comments...d.