Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know there was a lot of response, both positive and negative, to our discussion last week on cyborgs, so I wanted to write my blog this week about my thoughts and reactions. I really liked the way the presentation was given; I thought our presenter’s working approach to such an idea was the perfect way to lecture to a class. His openness to ideas and his interpretations of questions brought up were really clear and concise given the fact that he hasn’t fully developed the idea himself. Personally, I really like his interpretation of cyborgs. The idea of integration between humans and the virtual, computer, or electronic world is something I feel as though we already do in our daily lives, for better or worse. This has been a rapidly evolving way we live our lives. Everything is connected, and to think that technology has simply stayed a tool and not helped define our generation would be near sighted. I think from the way in which we interact with each other all the way to the way we perform daily activities at home has been influenced by technology. This I think is unquestionable, but what I would further go on to say is that without these new technological advances many of us would be at a loss. Our lives have become so intertwined with each other through networks created by technology. These ideas seem to move away from the general theme of our class in terms of getting back to basics and making more with less, but I think this still can be achieved with the ways in which we utilize technology. No doubt there is excess in our current technological world, but I think certain things we utilize as a society have become imperative to our daily lives.

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  1. I agree completely with you ideas. I think that if someone denies that they are cyborgs, working with some other thing, then they are in denial (sorry to anyone to feels that way). But I think it very clear that we rely on other technologies or objects, at all times. I thought the presentation did a great job of explaining that. Just by sitting on the internet typing this post, I am using the computer, the internet, the chair i am sitting in, etc. There is hardly ever a time where a person is using just themselves.
    -rebecca zak