Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog 10-22

Rachel Markel

            The Green Audit project was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  It was so hard to get my printer, or any printer on the phone.  It also seemed like a lot of people had trouble getting all of the answers they needed when they were able to talk to their printers.  My original printer, Seaway Printing, has returned my call this morning.  Though it is a few days past when I needed to talk to him, at least he called me back.  Unfortunately, I was in class.  I will have to call back and hope I am able to reach him again.  The other printers I talked to seemed to be very hesitant about talking to me for the project.  They were either very busy or the “right” person was out of the office.  One certain printer was very, almost rude and snippy, when I asked him some of the questions.

While I was in my morning class, my original printer left me a voicemail saying that he was back in town.  After hearing the stories from other people in the class talking to their printers, I wonder if I should have an entirely new approach to talking to my printer.   Should I say that I am actually interested in using their services so they take me seriously?  Or should I just be up front about the whole situation and say that I would need about twenty minutes of the printer’s time? Should I cut some of the questions out?  Or should I just keep asking and talking until the printer says he needs to move on to something else?

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  1. I think it is unfortunate that printers act this way. They probably know that they market themselves in a way that is exaggerated. I think by telling them that you’re interested in their product might just have them try to BS their way through the topic just too make the sell. Telling them exactly what you are doing allows you to judge them on first impressions. If they have something to hide or feel that sustainability is not a big issue and that it is just another product or advertising point, then the printer will be defensive. Good luck!