Thursday, October 15, 2009

It was really informative to have an environmentally conscious printer come in and talk to the class. I have personally never worked with any kind of printing company so I had never really thought of the impact that they have on the environment.

What I found most interesting is that this company was doing all of this because they wanted to, not because it was required. Why isn’t it required that companies have more specific environmental guidelines to follow? I understand that there are environmental requirements but that they are not really real. They only slow down the pace in which the Earth is becoming toxic.

In other countries being “green” is ingrained in every aspect of their lives so doing so in business is just natural. I have relatives in Switzerland and whenever they come to visit they always comment on how wasteful Americans are. It comes down to even flushing a toilet. Toilets in Switzerland use only about a quarter of the water that American toilets do because they are designed to use gravity instead of using so much water. My aunt was telling me about all the nifty quirks in her house that served dual purposes such as her stove was connected to an insulated wall in the living room so when she used her stove, the wall stored some of the heat and helped heat the house.

The way in which America is so isolated in their thinking needs to change. Minds need to change and maybe some people need the government to step in and make it law to respect the environment.

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