Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TNC Project

The brainstorming sessions were extremely helpful in terms of deciding the best approach in relaying an environmental message to the public. It seems as time went on and we had the contribution of outside speakers with their specified areas of interest manipulating the ways in which they communicated messages to the public, the class also became more dynamic.

The most unsuccessful portion of the project I believe was the disparity in knowledge base and the distribution of workload. This is something that has been discussed thoroughly in class discussions and so I believe it may not be worth going into further depth about.

I do think the critique by Laura was helpful and also think a second one would have given even more guidance. It may have been good to have her come in after the first few weeks of preliminary idea development to reinforce what exactly they were expecting to ensure there was cohesion between the students and TNC. I think this would have prevented miscommunications down the road especially once more concrete work was done on the designs.

I had never really thought about aspects of environmental communication before especially with such a strong focus on advertising to a specified audience. I think this project expanded my perspective on environmentalism’s role within the world around us. And taught me the variety of ways you can take a subject matter and morph it to more appropriately fit a given context.

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