Sunday, September 27, 2009

Design for a Living World

This is just a site that I thought might help with brainstorming for our Space for Nature project- it's an exhibition currently at the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York and is coming to Chicago later this year.


  1. Very cool! Not only is the content on this site beautiful, but the site is quite nice too, in a simple, minimalist sort of way.

    There are some salmon leather shoes on the front page. I've never heard of salmon leather. Weird.

  2. I agree with Liz...Gorgeous site and materials...I really want the Maya Lin table. I love Cooper Hewitt. I notice The Nature Conservancy is advertised on (and it seems has copyrighted) the site...did someone design this for them or do you know the connection, Dominic?

  3. I first read about this exhibition in I.D. magazine over the summer, then later found out that incidentally the nature conservancy sponsored it and published a book and website based on the show. the show is coming to chicago at some point this year, but I can't remember which venue.